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Castle Biosciences Inc. works with leading cancer researchers to develop molecular tests to help physicians and their patients achieve better outcomes. The Company currently offers prognostic tests for patients with cancers including cutaneous melanoma, uveal melanoma, thymoma, and brain cancers. More information can be found at

Castle Biosciences created to introduce physicians to DecisionDx-EC, a new multi-biomarker test designed to predict an individual patient’s likelihood of extreme resistance to chemoradiation. The test assesses three protein biomarkers to provide validated biological information to help design personalized treatment plans.

On this site, you will learn about the development and clinical validation of DecisionDx-EC, its potential impact on esophageal cancer treatment, and how physicians can order the test. We will be expanding the site in the near future to include comprehensive information about the disease, additional clinical data, as well as helpful resources for patients.